Partner Spotlight: News from Deutsche Telekom - The New Era of Parking: Towards Parking 2.0 and Smart Parking

Wed, 2018-11-07 17:12 -- SCC Europe Staff

When improving citizens’ quality of life, the challenge of providing suitable and sufficient parking ranks consistently at the top of issues to solve for today’s cities. This problem is also constantly expensive for citizens: drivers spend increasing periods trapped in cars, paying for petrol and polluting our environment. The most simple and speediest solution is usually the development of a smart-parking app. Today, a wide range of progressive cities have experimented with such tools.

Update: New projects (and partners) for Spokane's WA's smart city living lab

Fri, 2018-11-02 00:50 -- Doug Peeples

Spokane, Washington's smart city living lab Urbanova already has noteworthy milestones under its belt. Now, with new partners and resources it's intensifying its efforts to create a smarter, safer city — and a template other cities can use to do the same.

Detroit's got a different take on electric scooters. Here's why

Fri, 2018-11-02 00:40 -- Doug Peeples

When electric scooters started appearing on urban streets and sidewalks, some cities banned them or restricted their numbers until they could regulate them. Detroit, however, is taking an entirely different approach — and the city wants more scooters, not fewer. Click for details.

San Sebastian, Spain: a smart city making the most of past & present

Thu, 2018-10-25 12:45 -- SCC Europe Staff

San Sebastian is a growing city (circa 200,000 inhabitants) in the Basque Country, Spain. At the heart of one of the Iberian peninsula’s most entrepreneurial and industrialised regions, the resort city has embarked on an ambitious Smart City programme to safeguard its unique heritage and increase efficiency for its people.

New federal guidelines are in the works for autonomous vehicles: what you should know

Fri, 2018-10-19 02:25 -- Doug Peeples

Precisely when autonomous vehicles will be commonplace on city streets is still up in the air. However, federal transportation agencies are working on new guidelines to ensure the transition to an automated transportation future is as safe and efficient as possible when it does arrive.

Why shuttle buses could be the first driverless vehicles to hit city streets

Thu, 2018-09-20 23:08 -- Doug Peeples

Autonomous vehicle R&D has been underway for some time. However, predictions for when the driverless rides will be commonplace on city streets vary from a couple of years to more than a decade. If you want to call it a race, autonomous shuttle buses could be the first to cross the finish line. And we may have Las Vegas to thank for it.

Lessons from Louisville: Smart cities emerge from engaged communities

Fri, 2018-09-14 01:47 -- Kevin Ebi

Change, in the form of new technologies and approaches, is leading to a time of incredible opportunity in Louisville. Learn how the 2018 Readiness Challenge winner brought stakeholders together to devise innovative solutions to combat inequality, improve mobility and safety, and boost engagement.

How ride-hailing is changing urban mobility (and why cities should care)

Thu, 2018-09-13 23:48 -- Doug Peeples

Ride-hailing services provided by companies like Uber and Lyft have doubled in less than 10 years. While they're still a small fraction of total trips taken in the U.S., their potential impact on urban mobility is a very good reason for cities to include the ride-hailing growth trend in their transportation planning.