Join Nashville's March to Mitigate Urban Flooding Impact on Vulnerable Populations

Tue, 2020-09-01 18:15 -- Philip Bane

Join Nashville, TN in mitigating the effect of urban flooding on vulnerable populations. Working with the Smart Cities Council, Nashville will review all the latest science and determine how data can be used to make its vulnerable communities resilient.

Relevancy and empathy during the COVID-19 crisis - a letter from the Smart Cities Council

Tue, 2020-04-21 18:03 -- Philip Bane

We have delayed publishing this letter as we have been busy working with cities and our partners during this global crisis. Our teams in ASEAN, Australia, India and North America have been working with cities and other liked minded organizations to do what they can to relieve suffering.
Our actions are guided by empathy, relevance and agility.

Why the Readiness Challenge Matters

Wed, 2020-01-15 14:35 -- Philip Bane

The 2020 Global Readiness Challenge is the result of many years of hard work including analysis of city needs, challenge design, outreach campaigns and over 45 workshops in North America alone. In this process we learned that face to face interactions at workshops and conferences, while essential in the learning process, failed to accelerate actual project planning.

A free work/play trip to Dublin: Enterprise Ireland to host North American smart cities for knowledge exchange

Mon, 2019-09-30 18:46 -- Jesse Berst

Enterprise Ireland (EI) and the Smart Cities Council are partnering to bring North American smart cities to Dublin in December 2019 to exchange with Irish cities and technology companies. To find the best North American projects, the Council is holding a competition from October 1 to November 1, 2019. North American cities are invited to nominate projects inside the Council’s Smart Cities Activator online planning platform, which already hosts several hundred North American projects.

Isla Mayor, Spain serves as a testing ground for drone technology

Sat, 2019-04-20 12:09 -- SCC Europe Staff

Skies may soon be safer, however, thanks to a world-first Radio Positioning System RPS) for drones, allowing air traffic control to track drones in real time. Recently unveiled in a trial in Isla Mayor, a town in the province of Seville, Spain, this IoT-based tracking technology may be the key to developing new pan-European rules to regulate the operation of drones.

In Cork, open data is key to smart region success

Tue, 2019-03-12 14:08 -- SCC Europe Staff

Cork, a university city in southwest Ireland, is on its way to positioning itself as a “World-Class Smart Region,” building on its existing assets to achieve a reputation as a great place to live, work, visit and invest. Part of a collaboration between local governments and research organisations, the Cork Smart Gateway is a smart agenda that is developing solutions for the region, with a focus on everything from energy conservation to open data.

How Brexit could impact Leeds's smart healthcare system

Thu, 2019-01-24 12:36 -- SCC Europe Staff

Out of 20 cities evaluated in the UK Smart Cities Index, Leeds placed fifth in terms of smart health initiatives. Thanks to its long-term growth strategy “Getting Leeds Working,” Yorkshire’s largest city has created an Innovation Health Hub that acts as an open platform for healthcare data, which is being used in initiatives such as an innovation lab, health-related mobile applications, a digital teleconferencing centre, and a clinical training and simulation centre.

In Hungary, 5G-equipped cities are vital to making the country smarter

Sat, 2019-01-19 15:42 -- SCC Europe Staff

Tech corporation ZTE is looking to bring Hungary’s technology up to 21st century standards starting with one major upgrade: a 5G network. While small towns like Szentendre near Budapest have toyed with smart city solutions like Smart Parking systems, it’s up to larger metropolises to set the example when it comes to Smart City projects.