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Top tech priorities for public safety officials? Just keeping up is No. 1

Submitted by scc staff on April 25, 2014

A short survey by the Public Technology Institute (PYI) asked public safety and IT officials from local governments large and small to rank 16 public safety technology topics according to their internal priorities.

"Just keeping up" with technology changes, personnel changes and workload topped the list with 56% calling that their No. 1 priority. PTI suggests this could be due to respondents expecting budget decreases over the next fiscal year. But Ronda Mosley, PTI Deputy Executive Director for Research and Government Services, also says anecdotal evidence indicates staffing still tends to be at pre-recession levels even as more technology is added and fewer staff are available to handle the workload.

Below are the 10 top 2014 priorities according to the PTI survey, which you can read more about here:

1.         Just keeping up (technology changes, personnel changes, workload)

2.         Cybersecurity

3.         Smart devices and public safety apps

4.         Records management and e-discovery

5.         Funding/grant opportunities (local, state and federal)

6.         Disaster mitigation, preparedness, response

7.         Hosted services (cloud)

8.         Shared services

9.         BYOD, BYOT and Federal Labor Standards Act (FLSA)

10.        Role of GIS in public safety

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