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Smart policing: 5 technologies officers will be using soon

Submitted by jesse_berst on September 11, 2013

We recently warned you not to let your police department become a guinea pig for the unproven Google Glass technology. Now comes Government Technology magazine with a sneak preview of an upcoming trade show showcasing ideas that ARE ready for prime time. Below are five technologies that are trending now, according to police chiefs and commissioners from around the country. -- Jesse Berst

1. On-body cameras: "In less than five years, on-body cameras will be the accepted practice and used throughout the country."

2. Social media for crisis communications: "During the events of the Boston Marathon bombings and its aftermath, social media was an invaluable tool."

3. Social media for community outreach: "You want to use social media to not only reach the tech-savvy, you also want the average resident to be able to stay connected."

4. The advent of the iPad: "Not only effective in results but also cost effective."

5. Big Data: "Strategic crime control and how to use software to predict crime, prevent crime, identify trends and series, etc." (Click for a look at how the Vancouver PD got big results from big data.)

If those are the technologies arriving now, then what things are still a few years away? They include:

  • Drones
  • Robots
  • 3-D printing


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