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Ratti talks about IoT, mobility and self driving cars

Submitted by scc india staff on September 29, 2015

As India prepares itself to launch on the global platform for Smart Cities, through the NDA government's '100 Smart Cities' mission, the Smart Cities Council of India had organized a Conclave on Smart Technologies which housed the national and international experts in the field of Smart Cities.

Professor Carlo Ratti one such expert, a architect, engineer by profession compared the concept of smart cities with that of sensible cities and the existence of Internet of Things (IoT) in lives today.

Going back in time, at the advent of mobile technology, how the technology grew in the last 33-odd years, and how the pace of growth accelerated in the last decade or so.

Citing a Ericsson study, Carlo Ratti said that by 2020 there would be 50 billion mobile connections. He explained how that could be possible with IoT.

Talking about another subject – on the concept of mobility and self driving cars, Ratti took the example of UberPool, and retrospective amount of lesser cars used owing to car pool. Similarly, he added that self driving cars could soon be a reality as early as next year by a major German auto-maker.

(Professor Carlo Ratti, is a Italian architect, engineer, inventor, educator and activist who teaches at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in US. He was speaking at the National Conclave on Smart Technologies hosted by the Smart City Council India and co-hosted by the Telangana government in August at Hyderabad.)