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Partner Spotlight: News for Schneider Electric, Siemens, Enevo, CH2M and more

Submitted by scc staff on September 8, 2016

Scroll down for quick takes from Council partners.

Siemens offers new power grid automation system
Council Associate Partner Siemens is marketing a new telecontrol and power grid automation system intended for use in distribution network automation, substations and integrating renewable energy. The system combines power supply, a processor and expansion modules. It includes a variety of capabilities, including an integrated crypto chip and other features to ensure data security and secure communications, the ability to automate a variety of voltages in grid substations and a design that enables it to operate in extreme temperature conditions.

Enevo collaborates with Glasdon on intelligent trash containers
Working with Glasdon U.K. Limited, Council Associate Partner Enevo is introducing a range of trash bins to bring smarter waste management to several UK cities. Enevo sensors fitted to Glasdon trash allow data on container fill levels to be transmitted in real-time to Enevo’s cloud-based dashboard. Customers can manage their operations to collect bins more efficiently, reduce the number of overflowing bins and reduce costs. The “Enevo Ready” bins can be bought complete with sensors, or they can  be retrofitted to compatible existing bins.

Black & Veatch selected for Hong Kong Airport project
Council Associate Partner Black & Veatch will develop hydraulic and water treatment systems for Hong Kong International Airport. The Black & Veatch design for the airport's new three-runway system will focus on reducing costs, reducing demand for potable water and extending the structure's lifespan. The company said smart systems and intelligent pump controls also will minimize energy consumption. The system's design is intended to be sustainable and able to withstand adverse conditions caused by rising sea levels and extreme weather.

CH2M to provide vehicle technology consulting for expanded Toronto transit services
Metrolinx, the Toronto and Hamilton transit authority, has hired Council Lead Partner CH2M as vehicle technology consultant on its Toronto Regional Express Rail project. The expansion includes 15-minute interval bi-directional services on five of the seven Go Transit commuter rail corridors. The project will involve 150km of new dedicated track, electrification, new trains and a mix of new and upgraded stations. CH2M will provide program management and engineering for electric and dual-mode locomotive procurement and multiple unit trains.

Intel beefs up its computer vision bet with Movidius acquisition
Council Associate Partner Intel has bought AI and computer vision processor company Movidius. Intel wants the company's fast, low-power chips that can power its RealSense depth-sensing cameras intended for equipment and devices that require the ability to see, understand and respond to their environment. Intel expects the acquisition to help it strengthen its presence in computer vision and perceptual computing. The company said it expects to use the technology in several of its initiatives, including drones, robotics, digital security cameras and more.

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