El plan de Menorca para convertirse en una isla más sostenible

Thu, 2017-08-17 09:00 -- SCC Europe Staff

Smart urban projects often inspire visions: smart and connected buildings, autonomous vehicles, high - tech transport. And while these are important elements to consider when it comes to urban planning of a city, there is also a side that can benefit from intelligent natural solutions. Islands like Menorca, Balearic archipelago in Spanish, looking for clever ways to "reduce human pressure and environmental impact." This is how the Spanish island is solving this problem so that human activity and nature can coexistir.- Philippe Leonard (translation Natalia Rivas, to Article  in  English )

Promote electric mobility

Biosphere Reserve by UNESCO, the island of Menorca currently has 12 electric charging points, although only 2 percent of vehicles on the island are electric or hybrid. This is the first question that seeks to address the island to promote sustainability and encourage electric mobility, reducing their carbon footprint through renewable energy strategies. With the help of Nissan, the island is getting smart boost you need to put into action electric mobility.

"The main purpose of the agreement is to work together on various projects around mobility 100% power and energy management, so that the coexistence of human activity and natural heritage of Menorca is sustainable , " explains Marta Marimon , responsible for electric vehicles Nissan Iberia. The first step of action is to improve charging infrastructure to promote the use of electric vehicles on the island, making it accessible charging stations by adding 10 new points, all from renewable sources.

The way to follow

To meet their needs and sustainability goals, Menorca has created a pilot project in hopes of increasing electric mobility activities, promote car-sharing services and address issues of smart mobility. Under the name "Smart Menorca Island: Energy and Mobility 2020", the project offers proposals for the island, giving the advantages when buying electric vehicles and investing in infrastructure to recharge them . The project also emphasizes concepts such as storage technology Vehicle-to-Grid (V2G), Working with renewable energy sources and allows electric cars act as energy storage units. Communicating with the grid, electric vehicles may use energy to recharge network at home, at work or at a charging station. Through this partnership with Nissan, the island can also peek into technologies such as XStorage system for recharging electric vehicle batteries and solar houses, through the use of clean energy stored. By joining to create a model of sustainable energy, Menorca and Nissan show that the public-private partnership can solve problems and provide solutions to cities, islands and even nature.