Bruno De Man, Executive Director, SCC Europe

This information provided by Smart Cities Council Global.
Fri, 2017-04-28 21:59 -- SCC Staff

As Executive Director Europe, Bruno De Man is in charge of developing European activities of Smart Cities Council, the global organization dedicated to help cities improve liveability, workability and sustainability through a better (smarter) use of Technology. As the world’s premier consortium of smart city practitioners and experts, Smart Cities Council engages 120+ member and advisor organizations and has already been involved in 11,000+ smart city projects globally.

Bruno De Man is a highly committed and loyal senior business developer with a long-standing experience in the high-end hospitality environment, congress management, medical not for profit sector and ancillary consulting/advisory roles. He has severed as an independent consultant focusing on as business development plans, sponsorship & exhibition fundraising, European healthcare compliance, ethics and regulations and multi-stakeholder relationships. Prior to that, he served as the corporate marketing manager for the European Cancer Organisation.