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4 ways technology can make your city safer right now

Submitted by jesse_berst on September 25, 2013

Smart grids and smart cities share many things, including a common mistake. Executives often think they can't get "smart" until they install a whole bunch of sensors. In fact, most grids and most cities already have mountains of data. For instance, when Glasgow recently won a contest to become the UK's lead smart city demonstration project, it discovered that it already had 200 streams of data, from waiting times in emergency rooms to energy use in schools.

The trick is to get that data out of its silos and into a central facility that can cross-correlate it and otherwise create value from it. That's the core of the message in a recent article from Security I hope you will take it to heart. -- Jesse Berst

The article details four ways employing technology and leveraging information:

  1. Leveraging existing security systems to their fullest potential as Cleveland is doing with its Shared Security Surveillance (CS3) program that utilizes public and private cameras and has been credited with a drop in crime rates.
  2. Unify and correlate security information from citywide or regional sources by feeding it into a centralized command center.
  3. Leveraging video for smarter investigations -- and not just surveillance video, but video from cell phones and police in-car video too.
  4. Social media as the ultimate crime-fighting tool, such as how the Philadelphia Police Department posts photos, videos and information about unsolved crimes on social media sites including YouTube, Twitter, YouTube and Pinterest to encourage community engagement.

Read the full story about the four approaches highlighted above on the Security InfoWatch site.


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