Food and Water

How tech powers community-based agriculture (and access to healthy local food)


From hydroponic greenhouses near supermarkets to tech-powered farms that come out of a box to a UK app that links producers to consumers, technology is advancing agriculture in new and novel ways. It's also enabling better access to healthy, locally grown foods.

How a UK supermarket works with towns and technology to reduce food waste


A poll of UK adults found only 3% see any stigma attached to wasting food – yet most turn off lights or turn down the heat to save money. Read how a supermarket chain is working with UK communities to promote smart technologies that help households reduce food waste and save money.

Kitchen Social: Tackling hunger and isolation during school holidays


The Mayor's Fund for London is calling on businesses and community organizations to support its efforts to reduce hunger and social isolation for disadvantaged children across London during school holidays. Deputy Mayor Matthew Ryder explains the campaign in this video.