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The app connecting Italian town of Mantua with its citizens


Seen as the “smart city evolution,” Mantua has dubbed itself Italy’s first “Phygital City,” connecting physical and digital experiences residents can have. So what does this mean exactly? The 2016 Italian Capital of Culture, with the help of fabbricadigitale (the Italian IT company behind Telecom Italia’s digital experience at the Expo 2015), is working with big data-based, advanced machine learning technologies that can analyse smart city information in real time.

IT-L'app che collega la città italiana di Mantova con i suoi cittadini


Vista come "l'evoluzione intelligente della città", Mantova si è autobattezzata la prima "Città Phygital" d'Italia, una città che collega le esperienze fisiche e digitali che i residenti possono vivere entro i suoi confini. Cosa significa esattamente? La capitale italiana della cultura 2016, con l'aiuto di fabbricadigitale, sta lavorando con tecnologie avanzate finalizzate all'apprendimento automatico dei dati, che permettono di analizzare in tempo reale le informazioni della città intelligente.

From the UK: A glimpse at fascinating new technologies with life-changing potential


A post from the UK offers a fascinating glimpse at 24 technologies that could potentially improve a lot of lives. We provide a peek at five that are focused on wellness, including a Skype-like app for older folks and 3D printed bionic hands for amputees.

How the IoT is connecting French cities


As the development of the Internet of Things is expected to roll out on a grander scale in the years to come, cities across France are looking at what they can do in the present to prepare for this network of the future. In southeastern France, the city of Grenoble served as a testing ground for smart city technologies running through a single network, thanks to an alliance of over 300 companies.

The smart lighting plan to significantly reduce energy consumption in a small German town


The German town of Monheim am Rhein, whose population measures about 40,000, will act as a guinea pig for a project aiming to reduce energy consumption by up to 70 percent. The tiny town sitting along to eastern bank of the Rhine is partnering with a national telecommunications company to develop a smart lighting service that will improve the quality of life for citizens and make the location an even more attractive one for businesses headquartered in Germany.

FR-Toulouse : Le projet de résidence étudiante intelligente du futur


Les villes d’Europe s’attachent à devenir plus en plus « intelligentes » en créant des quartiers et des habitations dotées de technologies de pointe. Une ville est tout particulièrement est en train d’étendre ce concept aux logements pour étudiants.

How unlimited wi-fi will transform France’s rail network


At the moment, 300 train stations across France are equipped with Wi-Fi, but the country plans to ramp up this program extending the service to all 3,000 of its stations. With free unlimited Wi-Fi, citizens will be able to track trains on their Smartphone and signal when there is a problem with the line, opening the possibility for direct dialogue.

Battling diabetes: Tech giants, inventors, mayors and service clubs are on the front lines


As the world’s diabetes epidemic worsens, IBM, Qualcomm and Microsoft technologies have joined the battle. Columbus, Georgia’s mayor has signed on. So have 47,000 Lions Clubs. And then there's Dana Lewis; don't miss what she's doing to help diabetes sufferers like herself.