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Creative Ways to Finance Smart Ideas


A lack of public funding may be considered a major inhibitor in smart city development, but cities are turning away from traditional financing methods and are instead coming up with creative ways to finance the city. Citizens are willing to get involved to make their city the best it can be, instead of developing an entirely new city. Here’s where the revolutionary concept of crowdfunding comes into play.

In Manchester, the future is sky-high


Residents who prefer the suburbs over city living no longer need to head out of town to find the calm they’re craving. Plans are underway for Manchester's first vertical village, which will offer some of the best views over the city, as well as a suburban-style enclave for residents who would previously have moved out of the city. When the €1.4 billion project wraps up in 2022, it will feature 1,400 homes, community gardens and communal areas, a farmer’s market, and an educational facility.

Why cities should look beyond e-vehicles


As cities across Europe from Paris to London are starting to announce car bans in an effort to tackle urban pollution, electric vehicles are stepping into the spotlight as a smart solution. But this is only one solution in terms of sustainability. Towns such as Birmingham are investing in more progressive projects like sustainable railways, while Hamburg and Lisbon are working with the World Business Council For Sustainable Development (WBCSD) to develop sustainable transportation solutions.

FR-Un projet innovant rapproche la ville de Mons de ses habitants


Dans un effort pour amener Municipalité et habitants à collaborer sur des solutions durables, Mons s'est tourné vers la technologie. Résultat donna naissance à la « Creative Valley », un conglomérat d’acteurs publics, d'entreprises privées, d'universités et de centres de recherche travaillant côte-à-côte afin de transformer une « économie traditionnelle » en « économie créative ».

The creative plan connecting Mons with its citizens


In 2015, Mons, Belgium held the title of European Capital of Culture. With this role, Mons, the capital of the Hainaut province in Belgium’s Walloon region, strummed up a number of smart projects, but one of the most creative involved citizen participation. In an effort to bring the city’s government and its citizens together to collaborate on sustainable solutions, Mons looked to technology. The outcome: the birth of Creative Valley.

How Lisbon is stepping up as a top-notch tech city


Despite a recession less than five years ago, Lisbon is proving that cities can quickly recover and rise from economic struggles with the help of a strong digital infrastructure and start-up culture. The Portuguese capital is now making this a key focus in order to operate an integrated management plan for the city, which will utilize a cloud operation centre.

How Smart Cities Can Outsmart Hackers


Cities are getting smarter when it comes to using technology as part of a daily routine. Payments for everything from rental bikes to parking meters can easily be made with the tap of app or SMS. But just because cities are becoming more connected and smarter regarding technology, it doesn’t make them any less hackable than computers and smartphones. Europe has a history of hacking, and smart cities are just as much at risk if they don’t have a budget to protect investments in civic technology.

Trikala, Greece’s Tech-Savvy Healthcare Plan


The city has been strategic in its use of digital technologies to improve urban, health and governmental services, as well as the daily lives of its 76,000 citizens. By making it a priority to engage actively and effectively with citizens, Trikala has managed to deliver a number of sustainable initiatives and services, serving as a 21st century model for other cities across Greece to follow.